@Common-Letter To The Free- #hiphop 🎧

📣MY SHIT: Letter To The Free

💿ALBUM: Black America Again



In these difficult times it’s always good to have good headlines that can get people thinking. Produced by Robert Glasper and Karriem Riggins, featuring Bilal. Released on the label DefJam- division Of UMG Recordings.

Live ⏬⏬⏬

Kaotic Style-🎧🎙1995 #hiphop #Rap #Beats

📣MY SHIT: Get in Where You Fit in




kaotic Style superb group from Brooklyn New-York. A style recognizable among a thousand. Perfect beat, big East-New-York atmosphere Bushwick Brownsville and Carnasie.

Groove-Theory🎧🎙#soul #RnB #Funk

📣MY SHIT: Tell Me

💿ALBUM: Groove Theory



Released on the Epic label, produced by Bryce Wilson, a music that crosses and will cross the years without any worries.Production, voice and mix at the top.

The Dramatics- 🎧🎙#soul #funk #RnB #Jazz

📣MY SHIT: Whatcha see is whatcha get

💿ALBUM: Whatcha see is Whatcha Get



Classic from the 1970s.The Dramatics flagship group, produced by Don Davis and Tony Hestor, released on -Stax Records- (Memphis)

Lil´Half Dead- 🎧🎙#hiphop #GFunk

📣MY SHIT: Back In The Day

💿ALBUM: Steel On A Mission



Superbe titre de Lil half Dead,Ambiance de l’ouest ,sous la houlette de Tracy Kendricks et Courtney Branch. Produit par Kenneth « k-Phix » Manning.sorti sur le label – Priority Records.un bijoux.

PARIS-Assata’s Song #hiphop

📣MY SHIT: Assata’s Song

💿Remix: By Paris

📀Album: Sleeping with The Enemy



Titre remixé et produit par Paris lui même. A croire que cet artiste à vraiment un temps d’avance sur ses collègues issus de la communauté rapologique de son époque. Intemporel ..sorti sur le label scarface.