📍Genius dunker, future NBA boss, or eternal loser? JaMorant this rare kind of player who does not leave you indifferent.#Memphis #Grizzlies #Playoffs #NBA #Basket @BishopLamont @KeyUtifull @madd_slander

Ja Morant in Des-truc-tion mode, much respect and affection for this player, fast, fantastic, with a Marsupilami trigger. A great revelation for his 2nd season in the elite, but because there’s always but .. why don’t I see Ja Mourant as one of the greatest? because I saw his team played better without him. so I recognize that it takes time and maybe this end of the season will be exciting because we don’t end up 2nd in the West Conference by chance. I am not yet convinced by his thirst for victory. I hope he will make me lie in future years.


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Author: Firebarzzz

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