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When Nkrumah entered the United States of America to begin his studies at the Lincoln University in 1935, he had not enough money to pay his fees for the first semester neither enough money to caretaker for his living expenses.

Due to this financial difficulty, Nkrumah began to by and sell f.ish in the street of H.arlem. Unfortunately, he discovered soon, that his investment in the f.ish business far exceeded the returns and he was not making any profit.

Nkrumah left his f.ish business and he now has no job, no money, no accommodation and no one to resort to for assistance. A devastated Nkrumah walked in the streets of Harlem wondering where he could turn next.

As nature always looks after those it has destined to change destinies, Nkrumah suddenly met a fellow student from Lincoln who originally comes from Demerara in British Guinea. He told him his story and this student said: Do not worry my African brother, I will do everything possible to help you. ~I think I can solve the- accommodation problem as a start.’

~He explained that he knew a West Indian family who were extremely kind and sympathetic and that if he went along and put Nkrumah’ s case before them, he felt they might help him out.

Sure enough, by the time Nkrumah had told his story tears were in the eyes of the women. She offered Nkrumah small spare room, and added that he shouldn’t worry about the payment until he managed to find a job and become financially stable.

The single support which the students and the family offered Nkrumah helped him to complete his studies and move to Africa to present the key of political independence to the continental Africa. Yes, UBUNTU is our way and it is the only way that can bring us the African we want!

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