1990’s: Glorious time of hip-hop or announced destruction of black youth through music.?

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1990’s: Glorious time of hip-hop, or announced destruction, of black youth through music?. I will answer that with time and experience, I have learned to inform myself. I saw New York rap ambience the planet.

The New York Rap of the 80s/90s positively encouraged me to frequent the benches of the libraries. Yet I had interesting teachers, but obviously not powerful enough to shake up my curiosity.. No hard feelings..- .

I saw the culture of GFunk growing, stirring hearts and souls. I adored music that also sent my brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers to prison. I’ve seen young people born into poverty, and get by in life through GFunk, only to lose their minds some time later sometimes dead on a sidewalk, or dead from a bullet or a bad product inject serenely into a syringe, direction the vein of the forearm. success is a devil, who knows when to knock on your door or throw you off balance.

success is vicious and sometimes the true friends of old become bloodthirsty leeches of sex or money.

I Want to share the surprising and terrifying experience of a music professional published in 1992. Happy reading and don’t hesitate to share.

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« The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation »

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