After 21 years in prison, former No Limit rapper Mac Phipps is figuring out what it means to be free — The Undefeated #Firebarzzz #NoLimit #NewOrleans #Louisiana

 » There was a time Mc Kinley Phipps was New Orleans’ Golden Boy under the No Limit team at MasterP. unfortunately an event will pervert the career and the life of this man. A powerful, true testimony, in which Mac delivers herself in a very beautiful way »
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“The weird thing is I don’t really know how that’s supposed to feel because I really don’t have nothing to compare it to,” he said. “Because I’ve been away for so long that it’s hard to actually remember the feeling of not being incarcerated.”

After all, what is freedom to a man who spent his 20s and 30s locked away and who won’t know life without seeing a parole officer until he’s in his 50s? What is freedom when half of your life has been spent in facilities constructed to eradicate the things that make us the most human? When your body is outside but still feels the echoes of when it was shackled ? « 

Mc Kinley Phipps aka « Mac »

Interview (Link)-⬇️⬇️⬇️

Author: Firebarzzz

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