Da Youngstas – Mad Props – Album: No Mercy – (1994) – Label: EastWest – Prod: Marley Marl –

🎙️ARTIST: Da Youngstas
📣TITLE: Mad Props
💿ALBUM: No Mercy
📆RELEASED: (1994)

La Note Firebarzzz

No Mercy est le troisième album studio du groupe de rap américain Da Youngsta’s . Il est sorti le 20 septembre 1994 sur EastWest.

Titre basé sur le son original « Mad Propos » de Supreme C. (1992)


« How ya like me now? I’m getting busier » – LL Cool J ‘Jack The Ripper’

[Verse One: Reek Geez]
Ayo knock knock (open up) let me in, where’s my pen?
So I can freak it today, tomorrow see to the wind
I be sly as a fox to get props, forget cops and any other type of pit stops
And that’ll have to be the way the ball bounce
When I announce I’m a kilo and you’re an ounce
You can’t step to this because I’m certified
You better hide or it’ll be a homicide
It’s Da Youngstas jacking ya better recognize to the fact
That we can rip up any track
Other crews talk but they don’t want none
They know they get done
So now they on the run

Listen to me rock
Cause down is how it’s lock
Cause we can go on and on till the clock stops
And be out for mad props

[Hook] {x4}
Mad props is what I be out for
Mad props as soon as I hit the door
« How ya like me now? I’m getting busier »

[Verse Two: Taj Mahal]
Peep the technique, I’m no joke loc
I’m so dope, you just awoke, I blow you out like smoke, nigga
How could you figure that I’m a wack MC?
But I’ma tell you right now that I’m the best MC
On the mic when I strike at 12:00 a vampire
Rap retire, I’m setting crews on fire
So listen up to the rhymes I drop
As I kick mad flavor from my verbal Glock
Shock the ground like volt of lightening
It’s frightening, the type of rhymes I be writing
Exciting, when I pick up the mic and start reciting
You take a hike like a Viking
Taj Mahal
Won’t stall of fall
Ready to brawl
I’m solid like a brick wall
So listen up to the words I say cause I spray
Rhymes like an AK


[Verse Three: Q-Ball]
I’m creeping while your sorry butt’s sleeping
Don’t sweat the technique, I’m grim reaping
1-2, I’m coming for you, it’s the Q
To the 3-4, ayo kids lock your door
So many brothers wanna act hard and dress mean
To me yo, you ain’t nothing but a drag queen, fiend
Leaning with your little hard dream
Well you can’t rep because I’m rolling with my Philly team
You wanna rumble?
Well you can get crumble
I didn’t mumble
What’s wrong, now you’re humble
Mad props is what I be out for
You won’t score whenever Q-Ball gets raw
I be seeing suckers disappear in thin air
Hiding there, duck here, jump there, one here, jump over there
But I don’t wanna ’em to leave I want ’em to see what’s happening
When I finish rapping similar to capping

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