PMD – Ft Das Efx « Rugged-n-Raw » – Album: Business Is Business – (1996) – Prod: Agallah – HipHop –

🎙️ARTIST: PMD Ft Das Efx
📣TITLE: Rugged N Raw
💿ALBUM: Business Is Business
📆RELEASED: (1997)

La Note Firebarzzz

Quand la Côte-Est pose son empreinte dans le Game ça donne ceci…


Chorus: repeat 4X (with variations and Hit Squad shoutouts)
I represent the hardcore rough rugged and raw
The PMD the mic’s my only friend

I grab my cordless like my nuts DJ Scratch is on the cut
Hit Squad on live, PMD’s like what (what?)
I’m too rough, niggas gettin snuffed all in the cut
Get with the rugged raw shit, catchin niggas in the gut
Cause I’m blastin niggas ass stay gear with the Hilfiger
Timberland boots, Rolex, whip a Benz, nigga
So throw your hands up in the air like you don’t care
Chickenheads swingin from chandeliers in they underwear
That’s that b-boy shit, grab your dick (dick)
Crack a 40, spark an L and get bent shit
Three eighty by the hip in case a nigga slip
Don’t like beefs or jealous niggas on the dick?
It’s mass confusion niggas losin by the minute tryin to win it
But thanks to hip-hop, yo Scratch spin it

Verse Two:
Yippie-yi-yay, yippy-yo, it’s the, slow-flow mechanic
Mass confusion is crucial just start to panic
And you don’t stop, got the Hit Squad backin me
Niggas spark your L’s, honies sip your daquiri
Ask for P, my mission in to get richer and
Lost my other half but I still got my Fisherman
Hat, it ain’t over til the fat chickenhead catch
Wreck, snap that bitch neck
I show and prove niggas best to move slow
The P the Mic Doc (c’mon) the micraphone’s my only
Friend, can’t even trust nobody
Cause next thing you know I’m fuckin bustin somebody
My shadow got my back and that’s the way it goes
Keep my eyes out for foes and remain on my tippy toes
Respect my flows then release it for the brothers
One to hundreds, the fuckin certified top gunners
I keep a close knit quick to roast click
Bout to pull shit, a few dimepieces if the hoes fit
It don’t quit, it don’t stop, and never will and
So kill it, I’m strictly hardcore so you can see it

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Author: Firebarzzz

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