Real Live (Larry-O & K-Def) – Real Live Shit & Real Live Shit Remix – (1996) produced By K-Def –

🎙️ARTIST: Real Live
📣TITLE: Real Live Shit & Real Live Shit Remix
💿ALBUM: The Turnaround
📆RELEASED: (1996)

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Real Live Shit Samples

Jazz (We’ve Got) by A Tribe Called QuestPoor Abbey Walsh by Marvin Gaye & It Ain’t Hard to Tell by Nas

Songs That Sample Real Live Shit

Lirico terrorista by Bassi Maestro (Ft. Guè)

Real Live Shit (Remix) by Real Live (Ft. Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Killa Sin & Lord Tariq)


Never underestimate the Real Live
The gun-slinging, fat mack, a sick type of fuck, who dat?
I left blood stain in every spot that I rock
I’m representin’ Jersey, spittin’ rhymes like a Glock

Into the Cape Fear MC’s be shell-shocked
I got the stash in my dash with the stock and the oo-wop
Who the gun abuser, who the stupid hooker user?
The pimp with the blow, countin’ bank in the Land Cruiser

I get a charge from a sound of the bust
I was made to crush, I’m wettin’ rappers til they rust
Plus my regiment is elite, mega deep
20 steep we creep in a five car fleet

That’s how I’m bouncin’ for the nine-fifth, son
We don’t promote no masquerade ’cause we was players from day one
We start trends, we make hits
K-Def and Larry-O be on some Real Live Shit

K-Def and Larry-O be on some Real Live Shit

Smoke-tinted windows ’cause I’m movin’ with heat
I got a mean-ass broad in my shotgun seat
You can get buck any day of the week
That nigga Larry O be makin’ rappers retreat

You know in life I fail, jake is on my tail
I blew up your block, I let it haze like black hail
I use a M16 to blast clowns off the planet
In cold blood, my heart is made of granite

My counterpart the K to the Def
Wicked beat-maker, mass murderer with his left
We got the whole game locked, so
Beats on hold like a pimp on a stroll

I’m bustin’ caps at the sugar coated rap, yo
This is a lyrical terrorist manifesto
Sipping the Remy, gettin’ lit, I’m hit
Ignite a fat spliff, I’m on some Real Live Shit

K-Def and Larry-O be on some Real Live Shit

Back once more, for my niggas with the encore
One last verse to blow the spot then I bounce
Up out the scene ’cause I’m on some low shit
Tank-rollin’ niggas on that ghetto pro shit

Damn, I hate to settle for less, true that
I want to live mega fat, push a Benz like a diplomat
Automatic Tecs Lazarus around my neck
Engineerin’ shit with Corleone respect

The international world class don
Came to reign on hip-hop, I can’t be stopped
I shoot the breeze with expertise
The mic is like a toast and when I rhyme I squeeze

The criminalogists kickin’ criminalogy
The way I’m shakin’ you is like a bank robbery
So yo, get on the floor and get face down
Take these slugs to your head so I can bust your fucking clown

That’s what you get for playin’ slick
K-Def and Larry-O be on some Real Live Shit

K-Def and Larry-O be on some Real Live Shit

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Real Live Shit Remix


Lord TariqKilla SinGhostface Killah & Cappadonna

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Written By

Killa SinCappadonnaGhostface KillahLord Tariq & Real Live

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Real Live Shit (Remix) Samples

4th Chamber by GZA (Ft. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest & RZA) & It Ain’t Hard to Tell by Nas

Real Live Shit (Remix) Is A Remix Of

Real Live Shit by Real LiveView Real Live Shit (Remix) samples

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