Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – Made In America – (1993) – #hiphop50💕

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🎙️ARTIST: Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
📣TITLE: Made In America
💿ALBUM: Made In America
📆RELEASED: (1993)

La note Firebarzzz

Produit par Domino (Hiéro) &

 Kwamé (Hiéroglyphes),

Écrit par Del le Funky Homosapien

Un bon son à l’ancienne qui respire une certaine fraicheur.


Made in America, wear ya
Placed on the totem poll I got soul
Cause I’m a black man, I never sell it crackin’
I crack the police the facts I release
Go staraight through your ear to the mind
Listen, just cause this man is white I won’t dis him
Ala Mr. work wit the sister
It’s a big country ain’t nobody slunky
Be cool don’t lose control
Cause a fool was gone somewhere else before themselfs.
There ain’t no need to be hurt, proceed to be alert, the seed is in the
When you ain’t got nowhere else to look your gonna find him there
and the time you share
Time together made me climb together
But if it don’t work out, still don’t doubt or pout
It’s out in the open hopin’ that it ain’t scarin’ ya
This was made in America

Made where?
Made in America
Made where? Made in America
Where dat at? Made in…

I’ma have it made in America, payed in America
bring about a raid in ya area
(Because) Who’s controllin’ who?
You controllin’ you? Don’t let no one tell you what to do
You your person, I’ll be first in the more informtion to deal wit the
Before one, the army swarms in the region so please again
Ask ya elders, I’m sure they’ll tell ya where ya came from
If ya brain’s numb from wonderin’ where did ya come from then?
Ask ya mom she’ll drop the bomb
Just remember black is black
No matter the shape, just be glad she gave birth ta you
It might hurt ya to
You need strong foundation if ya pation station in America
This was made in America

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – Made In America – (1993) – #hiphop50💕

Author: Firebarzzz

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