The Ancient Kemetians were descendants of the Nubians, who had themselves originated from farther south into the heart of Africa at the Great Lakes region, the sources of the Nile River. These ancient African people called their land Kemet (Kemet), and they developed a well-ordered society based on the concept of cosmic ethics and spiritual conscience (Maat Philosophy).

The Ancient Kemetians lived for thousands of years in the northeastern corner of the African continent in the area known as the Nile Valley. The Nile River was a source of
dependable enrichment for the land and allowed them to prosper for a very long time without the harsh struggles experienced by people in other geographic locations such as the desert regions of Asia Minor, and the temperate zones of East Asia and Western Asia (Europe). Their prosperity was so great that they created art, culture,religion,philosophy and a civilization which surpassed everything that had come before, and has not been duplicated ever since.

The Ancient Kemetians based their government and business concerns on
spiritual values and therefore, enjoyed an orderly society which included equality between the sexes, and a legal system based on universal spiritual laws (Maat Philosophy). The Kemetic Mystery System is a tribute to their history, culture and legacy. As historical insights unfold, it becomes clearer that modern culture has derived its basis from Ancient Kemet , though the credit is not often given, nor the integrity of the practices maintained in the
new religions.

Kemet is located in the north-eastern corner of the continent of Africa. It is composed of towns along the banks of the Hapi (Nile River). In the north there is the Nile Delta region where the river contacts the Mediterranean Sea. This part is referred to as the North or Lower Kemet , “lower,” because that is the lowest
elevation and the river flows from south to north. The middle of the country is referred to as Middle Kemet . The south is referred to as Upper Kemet because it is the higher elevation and the river flows from there to the north.
The south is the older region of the dynastic civilization and the middle and north are later.

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