Redman – Funkorama – [1996] #Hiphop50 #Hiphop

🎙️ARTIST: Redman
📣TITLE: Funkorama
💿ALBUM: Insomnia
📆RELEASED: [1996]

Erick Sermon: “I was doing a compilation with Jimmy Iovine, but Def Jam wouldn’t let them go and sign me. They wouldn’t let me go with him. So I ended up doing a compilation. It was put together really fast. I, of course, used my crew. »

“The beat was done by me and Rockwilder. Rock had the bass of it, but I fixed up the snare, and the Rhodes in the melody to give it that A Tribe Called Quest feel, because we used that, ‘Comin’ down the block’ Q-Tip sample. It started from that. »

“This was before Muddy Waters. Muddy was coming. I asked Redman to do me a favor [and be a part of the compilation]. It was really stopped and slowed down by Lyor Cohen. They really weren’t playing fair. [The project] was in the Universal system, but it was still shut down by Def Jam. [They wanted to have control] over Redman. [They didn’t like having] me and Redman over there doing records at Interscope. »

“I don’t remember who shot the video, but the idea was to have Q-Tip in it, because [his vocal sample] was in the chorus. And then me, Rockwilder, and Meth is in there because they were off of ‘How High’ and they became friends. That was it. »

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