Verbal Threat Ft DJ Premier – « Reality Check » – Album: Reality Check/ Reckless Eye Ballin – (2006) –

🎙️ARTIST: Verbal Threat
📣TITLE: Reality Check
💿ALBUM:Album : Reality Check / Reckless Eye Ballin
📆RELEASED: (2006)

La Note Firebarzzz

Quand DjPremier s’occupe de la production généralement le résultat est au rendez-vous. Aujourd’hui mention pour le Duo Verbal Threat qui en 2006 pond ce magnifique « Reality Check ».


Monotony is not me, I’m too hot to laundry
Get to know me, hip hop’s Mahatma Ghandi
Confidentally, do it so nonchalantly
And the reality of the threats gotta rep like Dondi
Old school, check it, I’m black and blondie
Respect tongue, you better ask your uncle and aunties
I go ballerina on ’em when we meet ’em on the corner
With Adidas and diplomas, I’m seeing it’s over
When the screen rolls, photographic with Premo
With cats stabbing, sitting back, waiting to steamroll
A G’s still feeling emcees flow
A mean look really doesn’t matter to me though
A sweet hook, gotta make it look like Kareem’s throw
The dream took thirteen years for the single
But now it’s official, upon is a fierce steer on the road
ANd obody is getting in with no security codes

[Hook: scratching]
Grab the mic, I’ll show you how to do it right
The way I get down the way I sound
This is hip hop
Take it back

[Verse 2]
Yeah, yo, we sat back, analyzed without participation
These wack cats fantasized about the situation
Patient as if we were waiting for visitation
Blatant and perputrating, collaborating with Satan
Conversating, anticipating without incriminating to blame
We feeling the pain, in tactic discriminating the name
That’s why it’s such a damn shame
We rep the timeframe when it originally came
For the two props, back to suede pumas and tubesocks
Graffiti writers rocking trains scoping the rooftops
Blasphemy, raps like gats cause catastrophe
Verbal Threat connects likes like Keithy E and Waxmaster C
From the Queen blocks, epidemics rolling up on us
We represented in front of bodeagas, jumped on corners
Mentality set, money to salary, skep
Verbal Threat and DJ Premier, the reality check


[Verse 3]
I had to prove them straight, do ’em like in 2nd grade
Sit ’em down and try to school them while the record plays
I went over math and then I read my resume
By the time I finished class in the 11th grade
I was raised by sideway hats, blacks and parks
By the place they filmed Baywatch with Hasselhoff
Days were thugged out, cats laughed you off
If a rapper slash actor’s raps was soft

[Verse 4]
I was fueled by the old school writers, I got busy
Rocking pieces on the handbuilt court, New York City
A lot of beef, crews rolls with bats and mace
If that’s the case, catchphrase the gats for waste

Chased by jakes, slipped out the fire escape
Raising heart rate, verbally killing every bar break
Reality check, Verbal Threat, originality
Wishing to change up the game, not for the salary


Author: Firebarzzz

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